House Parking

Neighborhood parking made easy

Share your unused parking space or or rent out someone else's driveway.

Airbnb for parking


Listing your space is free! Earn extra income by renting out your driveway. We'll handle the transactions for you so you don't have to worry about late payments!

Make money from your parking space when you don't use it! You can control when your spot is available —— allowing you to rent out long-term or short-term parking.


Tired and you just want to go home? No more driving around the block to find the perfect parking spot. Just park and bounce!

With Grabba, parking is way cheaper than commercial garage, and more convenient than street parking.

What you can do with Grabba

Airport Parking
Airport Parking

Do you live near an airport? Travelers are paying a ton of money for airport parking! Save them extra cash by offering your parking space!

Stadium Parking
Event Parking

How about near a stadium? Or event venue? Event-goers need to park somewhere and they don't want to overpay for parking! Grab the opportunity and give them a cheap parking spot!

Neighborhood Parking
Neighborhood Parking

You have neighbors with no parking space and they don't know about your cheap parking spot. They also don't know that they can book your spot anytime. Save them the time and hassle. List your space now!

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